In this era of digital revolution, computer softwares and ICT are disrupting different industries of most economies and the healthcare sector is one of the nascent and emerging opportunities for technology disruption and innovation. This is an “inevitable” welcome development as Global health innovation is at the forefront of embracing the use of technology solutions in various parts of the world to improve access to health services and medicines, and Nigeria is not to be an exception.

This website is focused on asking the fundamental questions; how much impact are e-health applications making in the Nigerian health sector and how do we improve the level of impact and effectiveness of these applications via a user-centric approach? Taking these proactive steps serve to ensure that we focus on the real needs of the Nigerian people and put in place quality and safety measures that will give users the confidence needed to use e-health applications and solutions adequately and appropriately.

This web portal invites all stakeholders in the e-health ecosystem to share their views on  the various e-health platforms currently available for use by Nigerians. There will also be avenues for market research surveys and qualitative research that will elicit the current level of impact and the real needs of e-health users in Nigeria.

Please join us on this exciting journey of impact, innovation and research in the Nigerian e-health sub sector.

Image source: Clarus case study – ehealth